TransformIT Dynamics have had the honour of working with DigiCampus and the DigiCentral group to develop a one-of-a-kind, and probably one of the world’s most advanced, multi-tenant LMS (learner management system) Platforms.
The application was launched in 2020 and currently has over 60,000 registered students assigned to 15 different institutions.
Some of the platform features, to name a few, are:
• A fully functional and indexed digital library
• Virtual classrooms with live streaming, teleconferencing and live chat rooms
• Story-based course builder and viewer with 17 different task types including quizzes, video recordings, interactive navigation maps, etc.
• SETA certified Assessment, Moderation and evaluation workflow
• Live mentoring functionality
• 3rd party integration, bulk uploads, real-time reporting, notification and communication engines, etc.
The application is written in ASP.NET and VUE.js and is hosted on over 20 different Microsoft Azure PAAS services. DevOps, scaling, tests and deployments are fully automated allowing the seven-person delivery team to focus on building new features, while focusing on writing clean, maintainable and optimized code. TransformIT is also responsible for the technical support and maintenance of the system.
It is a true privilege to work with such an amazing company and to build such an amazing product that empowers the youth of Africa and changes lives on a daily basis.